Executive Search

Permanent Appointments for Leadership

Engaging and conducting a full ‘Executive Search’ for your next business or functional leader is often highly challenging, in most cases the need for confidentiality and discretion is of paramount importance, and a compromise could be catastrophic.

Executive search is not about just finding a strong CV or specific skill set, or about a quick wins and speedy turnarounds.

It is about sourcing and engaging the best talent for your business from within the market, wherever that is, whatever the obstacles are, and whatever the issues may be.

A full and in depth Executive Search requires significant amounts of market research, effort and engagement, the ability to connect with passive job seekers and even those who aren’t even passive.

Leadership appointments should never be left to chance; a fully retained Executive Search is the only way to ensure you select the best leaders for your business.

The Executive Search methodology, which CxO Search will undertake for your organisation, is outlined below.

Hire Only the Experts for Your Company’s Executive Search and Recruitment

Searching and recruiting executives for your business venture can be a challenging process. Apart from a strong CV, specific set skill, and client handling abilities, executive search is about finding that special one who can deliver with quick wins and speedy turnarounds. At CxOSearch, we understand the importance of a functional leader for a firm and deliver our clients with executives according to their needs.

Full and in-depth background details form the basis of executive search. With CxOSearch as your executive recruiters, get the most talented and passionate workers for your firm. The right executive search is about probing the market for an executive who faces tough situations head on and is capable enough to bring his team out of that crisis. With us as your executive recruiters, you can source and engage the best talent pool for your firm.

What We Do?

We provide the link between talented job seekers and firms who need officials to represent their firm. With our comprehensive relationships with the clients, we make sure to support our clients during the recruiting process. Don’t leave your executive search to chance; tie up with us to get the best professionals in the market right now.

Our Well-Organised Executive Search Process

Our search process includes consultation with the experts to determine your specific needs. Once your requirements are outlined, CxOSearch commences an extensive research to choose the best officials according to your prerequisites. Once the search is complete, our consultants assess the candidates with structured screening and interviews. We then present our clients with the most appropriate candidates. The last step of the process includes background checks, salary recommendations, drawing up contracts and post-placement support. We help you to find industry-specialized Executives who can become the leaders of your business or division.

Why Partner with CxOSearch?

At CxOSearch, we are driven by a deep understanding of our client’s companies. As a result, we strive to find executives according to our client’s specifications. Our search process does not put focus only on the CVs. We do a thorough check before crediting them to our client companies. We help professionals with customary guidance and support them in this transitioning phase, whilst maintaining utmost secrecy and discretion.